“I strongly encourage every parent whose child has or wants a smart phone to go see Kirk Cameron’s excellent new film, CONNECT. It's eye-opening, challenging and a great place to start a practical conversation with your kids about how to manage technology.”
Jim Daly, President, Focus On The Family
CONNECT gets to the heart of the matter and provides parents with simple tools for how to engage with their children in positive, effective ways.”
CONNECT is an eye opener; it makes you stop and think about social media. But rather than getting overwhelmed, Kirk makes you feel like you can conquer it. Watch CONNECT … you’ll be a better parent for it.”
Neal Harmon, CEO, VidAngel
“I am so glad Kirk Cameron is tackling what is one of the toughest issues parents face today—technology and our kids. Be sure to check out CONNECT.”
Bob Lepine, Co-Host, FamilyLife Today
“A real eye-opener. A must see for any parent battling through a world of social media pitfalls, benefits, and boundaries. CONNECT offers real help to parents who feel helpless in the swirl of technology that surrounds them.”
Chris Carpenter,
CONNECT is a very relevant movie, and the time is perfect for this awesome and inspiring film! … It is an incredible and terrific movie, dealing with today’s social media head-on. …”
Ed Carpenter, Dove Foundation (Dove Approved 12+)
“The most important message of CONNECT is that the real battle is not with social media but for the heart! … Go see CONNECT, you can’t afford to miss this connection!”
Jay Younts, Author and Speaker
“This film is a must see and is eye opening for everyone, even if you think you already know about the Internet. If you have kids, PLEASE watch it and tell all the parents you know to watch it.”
Liz Barnett, Womanly Woman blog
CONNECT has a simple message: put the phone down. Kirk Cameron's new film helps open parents’ eyes to the dangers of placing smartphones in their kids’ hands—and the benefits that can be found when parents help their kids understand how to wisely use technology and social media. CONNECT offers viewers important tools to make sure technology does not become a force for evil in their homes.”
Cortney O’Brien, Townhall
CONNECT is recommended viewing for everyone, and should be considered required viewing for parents and grandparents of kids at any age.”
Tom Brown, Salem Phoenix (KPXQ)
“Kirk Cameron’s CONNECT shines a light on the dangers of technology and social media to children and families, while highlighting the power of God’s grace in raising children to discern for themselves.”
Jacob Sahms, Christian Cinema
“Kirk Cameron once again tackles an issue that permeates the culture we live in. With moving personal testimonies and insights by leading experts, the film CONNECT empowers parents to be curators of the Internet’s potential dangers and benefits alike.”
Michael O’Hara, WDCX-FM Buffalo
“This is powerful! It is a must see for every parent.”
Rose Anderson, Women's Ministry Director and Blogger
“Audiences will find this movie honest and encouraging. It encourages parents to help their kids to develop discernment, to have a heart for God, and to be constructively in the world without being victims of its dangers.”
Diane Howard,
“Very insightful.”
Matt Pineda, High School Pastor, Mount Pleasant Christian Church
“Loved it! Really helpful!”
Suzanne Stelling, Director of Women's Ministry, Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church
“As parents we are responsible for raising up the children God has given us. The applications of the Internet, which are increasingly easier to access, is an area all parents should be well educated on and CONNECT is a great first step.”
Robert Bortins , CEO, Classical Conversations, Chairman, Homeschool Now USA